Georgia DanceSport Competition
Sept 16, 2017 Saturday

The Georgia DanceSport Competition began as a cooperative effort between Mark Garber, Holly Iyer and Ranier Rics with a modest studio level competition in 2014 at the Atlanta Ballroom Dance Centre.  This competition was known as the Coolanta/Georgia DanceSport Amateur Competition.

In the early 2000's, Atlanta was the home of the Southeast Regional DanceSport Competition which was organized by Anne Smith.  Anne retired from organizing DanceSport Competitions in 2008.  From 2008 to 2014 Atlanta did not have a major Amateur DanceSport event. Ann Smith passed away in 2015.

In May 2016 we sponsored a sanctioned USA Dance event.  We hired highly qualified judges from throughout the country.  We rented hotel space from a major hotel in north metro Atlanta and we brought in a high quality floor from Florida. We did this for what we expected would be a 2 day event.  Unfortunately, though the event was tremendous fun, the entries were insufficient to cover our costs.  The competition was completed in one day.

However, Georgia DanceSport is not deterred from our goal of bringing to Atlanta world class dancesport and affordable entry fees.

This year with the help of Ballroom Impact (owners Katya Cooper & Jeff Trent) we have a competition space that is better than what any hotel can provide.   We are still bringing in highly qualified judges from Ohio (Dana Edwards), Virginia (Martin Smith) as well as some new residents of Georgia (Trevor Luff and Karita Yli-Piipari).   All are world class adjudicators and Georgia DanceSport very much appreciates the work that they will do at our competition.  The video company is also returning.

We decided to run this years competition as a listed event.  If you are unfamiliar with USA Dance's competition  hierarchy, these competitions can be used as a realistic warm-up for National Qualifying Events (NQE's).  The judges of our competition also judge amateur and professional events in other parts of the US and the world.  USA Dance does not award quality points for participation in listed competitions. However, there are 2 big benefits in participating in a listed competition:  (1) You do not have to be a member of USA Dance to participate, (2) the costs are cheaper.  To participate in a sanctioned competition (or better) requires that you are a paid competitive member of USA Dance (cost $70/year).

Georgia DanceSport will continue to move forward to bring dancesport to everyone.  We will make DanceSport fair, fun and affordable!

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