Thank You

I want to thank everyone that participated in the Georgia DanceSport Competition & Medal Exams 2018. Thanks to our officials:

  • Trevor Luff (Adjudicator/USISTD)
  • Sami Yli-Piipari (Adjudicator/USISTD/Professor UGA)
  • Dana Edwards(Adjudicator/USISTD)
  • Cindy Johnson(Announcer)
  • Brian Bishop(DJ)

In addition to a great and fun competition the following people passed USISTD medal exams:

  • Mark Garber/Atlanta
  • David McNish/Knoxville
  • Rhonda McNish/Knoxville

The USISTD medal exams are a detailed and objective evaluation of a dance students development. In future competitions we will offer these exams. These amateur credentials are recognized world wide. Individuals may use these credentials if they compete internationally.

Also congratulations to Michael Patrick Feeley Jr. from Jacksonville, Florida on passing his professional exam.

Looking Forward

Our next major competition will be Sept 21, 2019. The New World Dancesport Challenge has been adopted as our sister competition. This competition will be held in Columbus Ohio May 24-25th. Columbus is a great place to visit. I hope that you will consider attending. I plan to compete and also stay an extra day to see the world famous Columbus Zoo again.

We will experiment with other small competition formats and developing the infrastructure to support them. Our next competition will have an internet based registration system. This system has been under development for the past year. It will be open source and available to other organizers.

USA Dance now allows organizers and chapters to bid on hosting the national competition. I'd like to see Georgia DanceSport with skilled volunteers who can do this. To get to that point would require a volunteer base working year round with planning, logistics, and marketing skills so that in 5-6 years we are hosting our own NQE. Many of you have children competing at this years Georgia DanceSport event. By 2024 those same youngsters could be competing at Championship level in City Springs Municipal Complex in Sandy Springs. I should point out that City Springs is a newly built complex has a 5000 sq ft permanent spring/dance floor. This is certainly a venue worth investigating!

If you are interested in volunteering please contact me as I could use all the help I can get.

Video Contest

We still have one more scholarship opportunity. I know that many of you were proudly videoing your youngsters. We did not have a video company this year due to the small size of the competition. If you have uploaded your video to YouTube then send me a link. If not, we can upload it to the Georgia DanceSport channel on YouTube. We received $280 from spectator admissions. $200 will be distributed by Georgia DanceSport for scholarships for the videos. In turn those videos will be used in the promotion of next years competition. If you have some video to submit or have already posted then please email me.

Video submission scholarships will be announced Nov 1, 2018.

Social DanceCard Scholarship Winners

Dance Card Scholarship go to the participants with a score less than 0.19. They are :

  • Brian Lu/Chiang...Age: 7...Sum: 47....Score: 0.15
  • Dennis Derenstein...Age: 6...Sum: 38...Score: 0.16
  • Ilona Gavryliv...Age: 8...Sum: 45...Score: 0.18

The above scholarships are for $50/each courtesy of Peter See and International Insurance of Georgia.

Scholarship for obtaining the highest sum regardless of age:

Shina Resenson...Age:11...Sum: 50. Shina's scholarship is for $50 courtesy of Georgia DanceSport.

Competition Results

Program with Placements

Competitors at the 2014 Competition

Photographs courtesy of Moon Dance Photography

Registered USA Dance