My name is Mark Garber and I'm the organizer, registrar, scrutineer, and chief cook and bottle washer for Georgia DanceSport Competition.

This is the 4th year for the competition. Holly Iyer and I started Georgia DanceSport approximately 5 years ago with the intent of bringing back a major dancesport competition to the Atlanta area. Holly and I were founding members of Georgia DanceSport. Holly served as president while I served as secretary. She has left Georgia DanceSport because of business concerns and to spend more time with grand kids.

This year Georgia DanceSport is restructuring from the ground zero. My intent is to do something that distinguishes the Georgia DanceSport Competition from other competitions and at the same time bring you the joy I experience when participating in small amateur competitions.

What's different?

We're bringing back the Chicken Dance (see video). I was raised on a chicken farm so this is one dance near and dear to my heart. At last years competition we had a great prize for the only participant (see video). More money for prizes is budgeted for this years chicken dancers.

We have family events for parent-child, grand parent-child (see registration form). Dancing has something for all ages and it is an activity that can bring the whole family together for a fun time.

This July the great state of Georgia implemented a new distracted driving law. The law forbids driving and holding your mobile device at the same time. In the same spirit Georgia DanceSport will implement a distracted dancing rule. Please give the person with whom you're dancing your full attention and use both hands (unless you are doing latin or American style). If you feel an uncontrollable urge to communicate with your fellow dancers with a silly mediating device such as a cell phone then we will supply you tin can telephones (see video). Anyway, direct person to person interaction is the preferred mode of communication for this event...at least on the dance floor.

We're providing medal exams from United Stated Imperial Society of Dance Teachers (USISTD). Our certified dance examiner is Trevor Luff and he will provide you a detailed evaluation of your dance performance. You will have time to review your evaluation with him. With Trevors feedback you will improve your dancing.

In the months of July and August I will embark on the Georgia DanceSport Competition & Medal Exams publicity tour. I figured this is a great excuse to travel to the social dances of various USA Dance chapters. Social dancing is an activity that I truly enjoy and look forward to traveling to various cities in the southeast to dance with you and promote the competition.

I look forward to dancing with you...Mark Garber

Mark Garber-Georgia DanceSport

Making DanceSport Fair, Fun and Affordable!

Competitors at the 2014 Competition

Photographs courtesy of Moon Dance Photography

Registered USA Dance