Thanks to All Our Participants 2019

Thanks to our participants and officials for a fun event.

Our next competition will be Sept 19, 2020. The New World Dancesport Challenge has been adopted as our sister competition. This competition will be held in Columbus Ohio May 22nd-23rd. Columbus is a great place to visit. I hope that you will consider attending. I plan to compete with a teacher and also stay an extra day to see the world famous Columbus Zoo again.

We are experimenting with other small competition formats and developing the infrastructure to support them. Our next competition will have an internet based registration system. This system has been under development for the past year and should be available for test in May 2020. It will be open source and available to other organizers.

We are changing the format to reduce the cost for competitors. Competition entrants will be charged a flat price regardless of the number of events they are entered. We estimate that this price will be between $30-$50 per person. However, uncontested events will not be staged We will instead provide the opportunity for a USISTD medal exam. You may also to take exams and enter competitive events for the same flat price. If you have never taken the USISTD medal series, you will need to start at Bronze 1 level.

USA Dance now allows organizers and chapters to bid on hosting the national competition. I'd like to see Georgia DanceSport with skilled volunteers who can do this. To get to that point would require a volunteer base working year round with planning, logistics, and marketing skills so that in 5-6 years we are hosting our own NQE. Many of you have children competing at this years Georgia DanceSport event. By 2024 those same youngsters could be competing at Championship level.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with planning, logistics and competition management. If you feel that you can contribute then contact me.

Mark Garber-Organizer

Georgia DanceSport

Competition Results for 2019


Photographs courtesy of Moon Dance Photography

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